Month: August 2013

My heroic stuntwoman sister played the Tribute from Sector Nine in the latest “Hunger Games, Catching Fire” movie.  She spent eight weeks learning how to use a spear, a sword and hand to hand combat, then month practicing with the other stunt people so that the scenes at the Cornucopia would look realistic!  She of course died in the Blood Bath.  She said, “At least I was killed by one of the ‘bad ass’ characters.”

The filming of the Blood Bath was done on the last day of an eight week shoot, so it was over quickly.  The movie opens November 11th, 2013 in London.


Hunger Games


On my morning walk, a young Eagle still in brown plumage sat high above me in a Pine tree trying out his hunting scream. A family of Osprey where chirping away in their nest on one of the power pylons. A doe and fawn were grazing along the edge of the forest, while I had to watch where I walked so that I didn’t step in piles of Bear scat in the middle of the road. When I got back home, a family of wild Turkeys. a tom, a hen, and four youngsters, were scratching in the yard.

There has to be song in there somewhere.

Hookjaw Brown